Our Team

The Beluga Whales542906_10151520521755657_2002148097_n1043873_10151793906764388_833796787_n229056_2046331199177_141477_n397033_3080878341186_2100423134_n576443_3859309808994_41670900_n

From top to bottom: Elizabeth, Jason, Doug, Sophia, and Liz!

Who are we? We call ourselves Team Beluga Whale. We are all students at Pepperdine University in Malibu. We are studying topics ranging from Political Science to History to Film Production. But we all have one thing in common: a love for the Lord and a desire to share His love with others. Oh, and another thing we have in common? We all joined LST! Together, we are committed to being the Lord’s hands and feet in Thailand.

Update on Liz: Our teammate Liz has been in Bangkok sharing Christ for the past week and a half! You rock sister!

Liz’s highs & lows from the first week: “High: Everything, but mostly just feeling so loved by everyone here. Low: I don’t even know. I feel so spiritually uplifted & joyful and can’t wait for you guys to meet all the Christians here & start developing friendships with your readers!”


We can’t wait to join you in just a few days! Elizabeth, Jason, Doug, and I (Sophia) will be flying out on this coming Monday, July 22nd!

More to come very very soon!


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